happiness tip #8


learn something new.  push your boundaries.  take up a new hobby.  fill your day with firsts.  shake up your routine.  surprise yourself.  read a book about something you know nothing about.  learn a new language.  learn to see life differently.  challenge yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.  find new moments in even the mundane.  find new lessons in every breath.  never stop learning.

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quote of the day



(via the amazing spiritual gangster‘s website)

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meditation monday – the healing temple

today’s meditation comes again from the wonderful jack kornfield.  i’m reading his book ‘a path with heart‘ right now, and was inspired to pass along this amazing healing meditation.  please turn to it any time you’re in need of some therapeutic self love.

meditative visit to the healing temple*

sit comfortably, let our eyes close.  bring attention to your breath.  feel your breath and your body as you sit, without trying to change them.

notice what is comfortable and what is uncomfortable.  notice your awareness.  notice whats going on in your mind; is there a lot of energy and clutter, or is it quiet and serene.  notice the state of your heart.  is it contracted?  or is it soft and open?  is it tired or joyful?  notice all of these qualities and receive them, regardless of form.

then, begin to imagine that you have been transported to a beautiful, healing temple or power spot; wherever you go, let it be a place of deep wisdom and love.  take as much time as necessary to find this place; feel it, sense it, become comfortable resting there.  let this temple be a place of total ease for you.

as you sit in the temple, begin to reflect on your spiritual journey more deeply.  gradually, become aware of the wounds that you carry which will require healing.  move slowly into these wounds, do not rush yourself.  take time to breathe into them gently, letting whatever arises be.

as you continue to sit, imagine that a wonderful and wise being from the temple approaches you.   sense this creature of wisdom as he enters your mind.  they will bow lightly and then come over and place a gentle hand on the part of your body where you are deeply wounded.  allow them to touch this part of your body that holds these sorrows so tightly.  if you can’t feel their touch, feel free to take your own hand as you sit and imagine that you bring it to the place of your deepest wounds, as if you were the wise, healing being.

know that now, in this moment, you are not choosing to suppress or resist your sorrow and pain.  you are finally open to it.

let your own attention become like the hand of the wise being.  touch this place of sorrow with loving kindness.  explore what is there, notice all the sensations.  is it warm or cool?  is it hard or soft?  what is the texture?  what feelings arise?

let yourself become aware of all your feelings with a loving and receptive heart.  let them be anything they want to be.

with divine sweetness, open yourself fully but gently to the pain.

what is the core of this place that has been wrapped up and suppressed within you for so long?  as you look at it, let yourself become aware of how much you’ve closed off to it, how much you’ve rejected and suppressed it and treated it with fear and aversion.  let yourself sit peacefully, opening your heart to this pain at last.

rest in this temple, allowing your healing and compassionate attention to suffuse every part of it.  stay here in this safe, loving space as long as you wish.

when you are ready to leave, imagine yourself bowing with gratitude.  as you leave, remember this temple is inside you.  you can always go there.

sat nam everyone!

*please note that this meditation is taken from mr. kornfield’s book ‘a path with heart’.  i have amended the wording slightly, however i do not claim this meditation as my own, i’m simply passing it on.
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happiness tip #7


laugh out loud.  be silly.  be carefree.  don’t be afraid to smile, to chuckle, to find joy in the weirdest, smallest moments of life.  giggle.  feel free to enjoy yourself.  enjoy the world around you.  laugh inside and out.  fill the silence with your joy.

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no fear

don't feed thefears


saw this lovely sentiment on spirit rock’s facebook and couldn’t help but pass it along!!!


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healthy choice

the other day i stumbled across a raw vegan blogger, who i’m going to refer to as blogger x (keeping it anon because i don’t want to seem like i’m singling this person out).  as a vegan who is always interested in new ways to give my body a healthy boost, i was instantly intrigued.


blogger x reminded me a lot of loni jane, who i’ve written about in the past.  what i love about both of these vegan warriors is that they’re both strong women who realized they weren’t leading healthy lifestyles and took control by switching to plant based diets and giving their bodies the tlc they needed.

i personally love loni jane, but there was something about blogger x that was just rubbing me the wrong way.

i sincerely respected her journey and her focus on personal health, but something about her message just didn’t feel right.  and that’s when it hit me.  in one particular vlog, blogger x discussed the recent accusations that she was fat shaming.  she expressed serious frustration over it, saying that she was in no way fat shaming and in order to overcome the obesity epidemic we have to be able to talk about it.

one one hand, i completely agree with her.  in order to overcome an issue, we have to learn to accept and understand it.  we cannot overcome something we refuse exists.  that being said, my issue isn’t the idea of identifying and talking about the problem; it’s with what she believes the actual problem is.

blogger x frequently uses the words ‘obese’ and ‘obesity’ as well as ‘skinny’ and ‘thin’.  what bothers me about this is that she uses them interchangeably with the words ‘unhealthy’ and ‘healthy’.

it comes off as if she believes the problem is ‘obesity’ and the solution is ‘skinny’.  to me, this is totally wrong.

the fact of the matter is, people come in different shapes and sizes.  now i’m in no way saying that someone being clinically obese and of an unhealthy bmi is okay.  but i am trying to say that sometimes, just because someone isn’t stick thin, doesn’t mean they’re not healthy.  and someone who is stick thin might not be healthy either.

size does not necessarily dictate our health.

i always get annoyed when i see things that advertise ‘getting skinny’ versus ‘getting healthy’.  on some level i understand.  rarely are people incentivized by the idea of being healthy anymore.  and it’s easy to get someone excited about the idea of being the skinny self they’ve always wanted to be.  but in the end, that’s not whats really important.

i mean sure it’s nice to be thin or of a more socially desirable size (for lack of better wording), but that doesn’t really mean anything.  some of the skinniest girls i know eat potato chips and burgers all day.  they’re doing damage to their bodies just as ‘obese’ people are.  meanwhile, i know curvier, beautiful girls who are taking the time to get their fruit and veg on and it’s crazy awesome.

lets be real here.  it shouldn’t just be about how we look, its about being healthy.  for me, and for many vegans i know, this journey was not about being skinny.  it wasn’t about losing cellulite.  it wasn’t about looking cute in a bikini.  it was about feeling good and knowing we were functioning at optimum levels.  it was about doing the best thing for our bodies inside and out.  it was about becoming healthy again.

we need to shift this focus away from becoming a size two and back to becoming a healthy person inside and out.  just because you’re not model thin doesn’t mean you’re not healthy and beautiful.

healthy bodies

again, i completely respect blogger x and all the good she is doing for the vegan community.  she has helped many find solace in a healthy, raw, vegan lifestyle and that’s truly amazing.  all i’m saying is that we need to remember that in the end, our internal health is more important that the size we are in comparison to others.

being healthy is not the same as being skinny.  and being skinny does not mean you’re healthy.

we need to start to focus on improving whats within and take comfort in knowing that everything else will follow the way its meant to.

and above all else, love yourself.  no matter where you are in your journey.  each and everyone of of us is unique and beautiful in our own way.

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quote of the day

TNH Quote

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